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Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, the president of the Pontifical Council of Social Communications, said in Zenit today, that the world needs digital witnesses to evangelize and dialog with other religions through the Internet. The Internet is a new world to spread the Good News. We who witness, represent a change in the way people have learned in different ages.

The archbishop affirmed, "Life, events, all that surrounds us are a continuous and incessant reminder: The media has already entered our life in many ways and often not only orient it but condition it; they claim, so to speak, a consideration that corresponds to them by right. Because of this, he said, attention must now be focused on the human being, "who has run the risk of being crushed by the invasion of new technologies and who is asked to take up again fully his own responsibility."

Archbishop Celli affirmed, "We are called, to leave a visible imprint," the prelate said, "recognizable imprints that make one think because of the marks we have in fact left by our presence. If the Internet by definition is virtual, to us corresponds the task of making it concrete, of giving it depth, of offering it, in a certain sense, a soul and hence, life," he said.

"As the first apostles went out into the then known roads," the archbishop affirmed, in this way the Internet "will have to serve us to spread the Good News," which is not only a "poetic image."

Referencing the words of Benedict XVI for the 44th World Communications Day, Archbishop Celli called for "authentic and courageous witnesses," so that the digital continent will "smooth the way for new encounters, always ensuring the quality of the human contact and care for persons and their real spiritual needs."
This means to employ "the digital culture that presents itself today not only as a useful but a necessary service, underlining the anthropological dimension of the whole phenomenon of communication," he said.

This is "deja vu." St. Dominic sent out his friars out on the then known roads, to spread the Good News. That's the definitive poetic image.



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