Gestational Diabetes

My baby who's having a baby has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I'm worried and I request prayers for her and her baby.

I've been doing a little research on gestational diabetes and found out that it is high blood sugar. She had no symptoms, yet the test was so high that it's definitive. No second test is needed. She's had no symptoms. And then there's concern about the health of the baby. But all tests so far say the baby is doing well.

Luckily she's a bit of a health nut and eats right. That alone is puzzling because she watches her calories and nutrients as a matter of course, pregnant or not. As for regular exercise, well she majored in exercise physiology. For cryin out loud, she's a doctor herself!

I suppose every pregnancy is different and her doctor and dietitian will create a diet just for her. She's also anemic so she's probably be given different vitamins. I hope she won't need insulin therapy.

I also read that women with gestational diabetes usually have large babies, which may mean trauma to my daughter and grand-daughter, or even a c-section.

And then when she's born she has to be monitored for low blood sugar. And mothers with gestational diabetes have an increased risk for high blood pressure during pregnancy.
There is a slightly increased risk of the baby dying when the mother has untreated gestational diabetes. Yikes! This is where I stopped reading.

I'm praying instead. It's in your hands, Lord.


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