Viva Cristo Rey and Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro

Have you ever heard of Catholic Quest, or Envoy, or Patrick Madrid, or Viva Crista Rey? Catholic Quest was new to me, but I was familiar with the other three.

Today, my sister, Bette, and I went to hear Patrick Madrid speak, at her parish, St. Monica's, Methuen. Catholic Quest privides forums for Catholics to continue to learn about their faith. Patrick Madrid gave four talks. He's a lecturer, not an entertainer. I'm ashamed to say, I dozed off on the first talk. It was the history of the popes. Bette had never heard of Pope Joan, so thought this was the best talk. The second talk was more interesting to me. It was about why and how Protestants, like Scott Hahn convert. I prefer personal stories to history. The third talk was about scriptural proof of some of the truths in the Catholic Church, i.e., Eucharist, purgatory. He talked about tradition and what apologetics is and isn't and the danger inherrent in moral relativism.

I subscribed to CD of the month and listed to Viva Cristo Rey on my way home. The story of Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro is perfect for Hollywood. He is a martyr, for sure. Patrick parrels what happened in Mexico to what he sees happening today, here. Scary.

I also bought his book, Search Rescue. He wrote, "Faith, pray for me." For sure, I'll pray for the intercession of Fr. Pro to oversee Patrick Madrid's apostolate. Definitely, I'll be praying for our Church.

One last thing: I picked up a few of Patrick's magazine, Envoy, to leave in the back of my own parish.


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