Poetry Night

In Book Club we reviewed Mary Oliver's Evidence. We all agreed that this book of poetry is Oliver's best. Of course, we said that the last time. Mary Oliver is our favorite poetess.

We all took turns reading our favorite poems out of the book. We had a special treat, in that the long lost Linda showed up. She's the one who introduced Oliver to us, so it was fitting that she came, tonight. She's been through a lot: new job, working 12 to 14 hours a day, and shingles! ugh!

My favorite phrase is in the "Snowy Egret." The poet describes how the egret has come for forty years to her house. "Don't think he is a casual part of my life."

I'm saving that phrase to tell to someone who needs it. Isn't it beautiful?

How about: "Sometimes I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed."

Her poetry is so simple and direct. People who say they don't understand poetry would do well to begin with Mary Oliver. We decided to go visit her in P-town. We made plans for May. We'll take the ferry from Boston to Provincetown. We'll visit her book store and give her a telephone call and see if she's up for visitors. Probably not, but that particular book store has her personally autographed books. And P-town is always interesting and fun. It'll be something to look forward to.


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