Hey! It's Lent.

It's Lent, so watch your mouth. Sr. Mary Ann Walsh, the USCCB's spokesperson has issued a statement entitled, "In All things, Charity." The bishops decry the tone people have taken when they disagree. The verbal sparring deteriorates into threats and even physical violence. It's crude and scary.

We saw on TV, legislators being spit on, racial slurs and even death threats. And what is even more shocking is the childish taunt, "Well they did it first!"

Give me a break.

In fact everyone should take a break. Take a deep breath. Think "this is Lent." Give people with other views some slack. This is a democracy--meaning you don't always get what YOU want. Trust in the Lord. All things will come to good. Keep this in mind during Holy Week.

Give us strength to trust in Your mercy, Lord.


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