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Yvonne use to work with me. Due to budget cuts, she was "laid off." When she was cleaning out her desk, I asked her about her plants. They were on the windowsills. Both were orchids, but only one had bloomed. All winter Yvonne shook her head over the one that wasn't blooming and said she was going to throw it out. I never wanted to because it was still a vibrant green healthy plant. Anyway, she left both plants.

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had not one, but two beautiful flowers.

And it was almost trashed!

Lay Clericalism

Definition: IMHO Any lay-initiated change in church direction, claiming as proof of validity, "In the spirit of Vatican II." It demands unquestionable allegiance. It claims to be caring, even scriptural, with a derisive tone toward any Magisterial reference.

To differ, or object, or offer an opposing opinion, either falls on deaf ears or makes you an object of ridicule.

So be it.

St. Catherine of Siena, pray for me.

Thank You Cardinal O'Malley

On June 16, I made a plea to Cardinal O'Malley to do the right thing regarding the merge between Caritas Christi and Cetrene Corp (CeltiCare). The concern was that Caritas would be referring women to CeltiCare for abortions. Just merging with them would be complicit.

July 1 was the date to merge. American Life League began an aggressive campaign to expose the scandal to a nationwide audience and alert the Cardinal of the possibility of complicity occuring under the terms of the deal.

Cardinal O'Malley took definitive action and cancelled the agreement. Praise God! I knew he'd do the right thing. Please write a thank you to our Cardinal Archbishop.

Cardinal O'Malley
66 Brooks Drive
Braintree, MA 02184-3839


The best part of being a Lector is making God present in the liturgy of the word for the rest of the congregation. At least I try to make God present. I throw myself into it. I also like the feeling of being part of a "team", so to speak. A team that ministers to the people: cantor, choir, ministers of the Eucharist, and the priest.

What I don't like about being a Lector is being surprised when I come up to the ambo to pray the Intercessory Prayers. The Church is full, whereas there were only a few people when I read the Liturgy of the Word. Sigh....I suppose I should be glad people come for the Eucharist.

I don't like the "noise." Sometimes I can't pray because I think I'm in Filene's Basement.

I do like the prayerful expressions on people's face at Communion. I like to see people pray.


OK. I can take a hint. I walked with a new person, tonight. Marianne doesn't join the group that often, but she came tonight. We walked around the Common about a zillion times. We didn't want to walk far because a thunder storm was threatening.

Marianne told me that her husband died 10 years ago. It was like Linda's death, and Father Angelo's. All died within weeks of being diagnosed with cancer. It's worth pondering the fragility of life.

So....if all things have a purpose, then what was the purpose of my meeting Marianne tonight and listening to her story? I think her husband needs prayers.

He's added to my Novena for the Souls in Purgatory.

BTW, we walked for an hour and it never did break out into a thunderstorm.

Do You Tweet?

If you use Twitter, set your location to Tehran & your time zone to GMT +3.30. Iranian security forces are hunting for bloggers using location/timezone searches. The more people at this location, the more of a logjam it creates for forces trying to shut down Iranians' access to the internet. Cut & paste & pass it on.

Adopt A Priest


Am sure, that you are already aware that we have began the year of the priest on the 19th of June 2009 on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for one year. There is a wonderful opportunity to be part of this year by praying for at least one priest throughout the year. please go through the details below and do the needful. May god Bless you.

Year of Priests Special

Spiritual adoption of priests!

Priests are the greatest benefactors of humanity because it is through them that Christ continues to re-enact his unique sacrifice for the salvation of humankind. It is through them that he extends his forgiving hands and opens his heart full of Divine Mercy. Called to be the living monuments of Christ’s love in the world today, the priests spend their whole life, for God and His people. They need prayer support to live heroically their priestly commitment and mission in today's challenging world.

Spiritual adoption consists in offering up of prayers and sacrifices, during this ye…

Dominique Green

I just finished reading A Saint On Death Row, The Story of Dominique Green, by Thomas Cahill. I don't know whether I liked it, or not. I don't know whether to recommend it, or not. I don't know what to think. Odd! It's strange because I can't stop thinking about it.

I'm surprised that the author, Thomas Cahill would write such an obviously subjective book. Cahill is the author of How the Irish Saved Civilization, The Gifts of the Jews, etc.. I consider him as giving scholarly objective views. A Saint on Death Row, from the "get go" paints Dominique as an innocent victim of society.

Yes, Dominique had a terrible upbringing. Hell! so do a lot of people, and they don't turn to crime. He didn't get out that environment. He got too caught up in it before he even wanted to get out. What happened......happened. Was he guilty? You never know.

What interested me was his transformation, inside prison. I loved that. I've seen …


Today, at MCI Norfolk, I attended the Confirmation of six men. Retired Auxiliary Bishop Emeritis George E. Rueger, of Worcester confirmed the men. It was a very happen occasion.

Bishop Rueger enjoyed the music. He said he'd like to take them "on the road." He was sincere because he said that he's been all over the US and this choir and music has them all beat.

Mass, as usual, at Norfolk, was Tri-lingual. Afterwards, the Dominican Sacred Movement Group performed. It was special, because this was Jean's last dance. He's going back to Haiti, next Saturday. The entire performance was tastefully done. It was a scriptural prayer, "Come, Holy Spirit."

There was time for pictures, after everything. A little collation was even offered. That's the first time I ever was offered food, there. I was impressed.

A beautiful day, all in all.

Year of the Priest

I have been asked to spread the word.

19 June 2009 TO 19 June 2010

Worldpriest has organised four Masses to be celebrated June 19 at 3 pm local time in Sydney, Australia, Kerala, India, Knock Shrine, Ireland, New York City, USA. Celebrants will be George Cardinal Pell, Fr. Sebastian Koodappattu OCD, Archbishop Michael Neary, and Monsignor Michael Curran. respectively

Additionally, to mark the World Day of Prayer for Priests and the beginning of the Year of the Priest On Sunday 21 June, Mass will be celebrated in the RTE National TV studios by Fr. Brendan Kilcoyne; President of Saint Jarlath’s College, Tuam. Music will be provided by the Classicus Youth Chamber Choir, directed by Maire Ledwith Butler, with organist Ronan Murray.

Worldwide live broadcast will be at 11:15 am Dublin time on RTE One National Television. This will be available for viewing the following week on

The Worldpriest organisation, with offices in Dublin Irela…

Archbishop J. Augustine DiNoia, O.P.

Woo Hoo!! \0/ \0/ \0/

The Holy See has announced that my brother, Very Rev. Augustine DiNoia, OP, has been appointed Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. Fr. DiNoia had served the Holy See as Undersecretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

As is customary, Fr. DiNoia will be consecrated as an Archbishop, to serve in his role as Secretary of the Congregation. He will be made the titular archbishop of Oregon City. His ordination will be on Saturday, July 11, 2009 (the Memorial of St. Benedict) at 2:00pm at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC.

This is an honor, not only for the very Rev. DiNoia, but for Dominicans, Americans, and the Angelicum.

Deo Gratias.

Omnibus Christi.

Plea to my Cardinal Archbishop

To His Eminence Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley, OFM, Cap,

Your grace, please tell me it "ain't so." I have been defending you against your critics who accuse you of "being in the abortion business." This arrangement between Caritas Christi and CeltiCare is causing worry and puzzlement. I feel like I am defending a "straw man." Why won't you speak out and explain what is going on; why won't you defend yourself; why won't you just shut up all these "murmurantees?"

You have told us that Caritas is joining the Celtic Group, Inc. (subsidiary of Centene Corp), but Centene allows abortion and contraception in its coverage. You also know that Caritas won't do abortion or distribute "morning after pills, etc.", but referring people to those services is complicit. It's hypocritical. It's giving scandal. It's a sin.

You have made statements acknowledging that the agreement needs fine tuning. But the con…


I'm just a party animal, I guess. I've been to so many graduation parties, receptions, welcomes, installations, etc.. One more to go--Fr. Dave's Mass of Installation. Then that'll be it. On wait! Father's Day. And don't forget Karen's Wedding Shower, and of course



Temporary Promises

Those in the Dominican Laity, that have finished their Noviate, may make "promises," not unlike the same promises we make for life. However, these promises are not for life. They mean that one is still discerning a vocation to LFSD (Lay Fraternities of Saint Dominic).

Today, I was blessed to witness the Temporary Promises of three friends, in the Hope of Bethany Pro-Chapter. John, Dottie, and Jan are friends I've met through prison ministry.

John, just fell into the LFSD. He lives in the same town that the Hope of Bethany Pro-Chapter meets--St. Theresa Church's, Sherborn, MA. He saw an advertisement about the chapter and attended a meeting just because he was curious. He's been there, ever since. Before he met St. Dominic, he was attracted to Carmelite spirituality. In fact, within five minutes of meeting John, we were deep in discussion about St. John of the Cross and his poetry. John writes poetry, also.

Dottie became involved partly through her daughter…

Living in a Glass House

Last night, Dominican Study Group had another session with Doc and Steve and their Facing History and Ourselves Workshop, and again the discussion was invigorating. It always is.

Tonight, we worked on forgiveness, mercy, reconciliation, restorative justice, and what all those ideals entail. We began by reading John 8: 1-11. Then we paired up and discussed the story with a partner, followed by a general discussion.

Zephus and I thought John 8: 1-11 too unrealistic to be true. I recalled children coming to me and telling me "Sonny stole your cigarettes and is smoking them behind the garage..." No way telling them to forgive him because they sin too, would satisfy them. As adults when people come to you with tales of wrongdoing...would they be satisfied with reminding them of their own wrongdoing. Also, pharisees et al were use to arguing, no way would they let Jesus off the hook with a diversion technique. They would have held His feet to the fire: "We're no…

Daughters of St. Paul Vocation Retreat

Daughters of St. Paul Vocation Retreat
for High School-Aged Women:
Live, pray and work with the Sisters!
Eucharistic Adoration, mission, sharings, media skills,
presentations on religious life

July 6-11 at Daughters of St. Paul Motherhouse in Boston
For application form, please contact Sr. Margaret Michael
617-435-1879 OR

Ever wonder if religious life is for YOU?
Here’s a chance to find out!
COME AND SEE with Daughters of St. Paul
August 10-13, 2009 -------

WHAT: discernment, prayer, presentations, silence, sharing

WHO: Women 18-30 discerning a religious vocation (from USA / Canada)

WHEN: MONDAY, August 10—THURSDAY, August 13, 2009

WHERE: Daughters of St. Paul 172 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL

CONTACT: Sr. Margaret Michael, fsp 617-435-1879 OR

Year for the Priest: June 2009--June 2010

Sr. Helena Burns, fsp
Daughters of St. Paul / Pauline Books & Media
172 N. Michigan Ave. Chica…

Trinity Sunday

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity is pretty special to me. In fact, the name I chose to inspire and dedicate myself to is the Blessed Trinity. My religious name is Sister Faith in the Blessed Trinity. Coincidentally, I recently learned (thank you Sister Vivian, RJM)that my great Aunt Blanche's religious name was Mother Mary of the Trinity.

I love the fact that we are celebrating a doctrine and not an event or a saint. That makes it a special day. Today we honor God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

History shows us that the Trinity is controversial. Not every religion is Trinitarian. And I can see that the concept of three distinct persons into one is mind boggling. But so is quantum physics. What of it? What good would be a religion without mystery. And by mystery, I don't mean puzzle, but rather beyond comprehension. If you understood God, would He still be God?

It has been said that mystery is not a wall to run up against, but an ocean in which to sw…

Asian Cultural Awareness Day

Tam Bui invited me to attend an Asian Cultural Awareness Day. It was full of song and history. The guys like to do rap and I have a hard time understanding rap when it's in English, never mind when it's in a different language. But I enjoyed the beat.

We had a little history lesson from three countries: Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. While the entertainers were performing, there was a constant video playing. While listening about Cambodia, there was a video playing about Cambodia. Likewise for Laos and Vietnam.

There was one gross incident on the video from Vietnam. A skinny long snake (from the tip of your out stretched hand to the tip of the other)was chosen. A razor then made a slice down the snake. The vendor then squeezed the snake by going down the length of its body with her fingers pressing the blood out. She got about half a glass of blood from the snake. She then drank it.

Repulsion defined.



Slot machines galore
and poker's downstairs
roulette spins lure
black jack's over there.

Cling, clings, beckon you
and senior citizens play on.
Sorry I can't join you.
My money's all gone.

Prayer to Get A Job

Prayer to St. Juan Diego
for A Job
Dear Juan Diego, when the Lady of Tepeyac Hill gave you her picture, she also gave you a task to fill your days with happy labor. It was your privilege and joy to spend the hours caring for the chapel of the Tilma, telling its story to those who came there. Here the time of your earthly pilgrimage passed quickly and happily because you worked for Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Dear Juan Diego, please help me find steady employment that my time and talent may be devote to the tasks suited to my nature and ability.

May my hours of toil then, give fair return and more to him who hires me. May my work not be done for mere profit, or just to make a living. Rather, may it be done to make of myself, one more able to honor the Creator. May it be done with reverence and appreciation of the materials, all supplied by God, and only modified by man. May my work be done to enjoy the benefits of skilled and honest craftmanship.

And especially let my work be done to make known …

Liturgical Dance

My "cloistered brothers" have an ongoing dispute about Liturgical Dance. A group of them have formed a "Sacred Movement" Group, and will perform at our celebrations.

However, there are some brothers, who, upon seeing the "Sacred Movement" preparations get up and leave. They just think it's silly.

Well I found out by reading Fr. Z's blog, What does the Prayer Really Say? that there are some traditions of liturgical dance that have been around a long time. Seises is a liturgical dance and song done on Easter and the Feast of Corpus Christi, in front of the Tabernacle of Seville's Cathedral. If you watch the dance on You Tube, you'll hear some clicking--castanets.

Like David dancing before the Ark of the Covenant? No?

Northeast Catholic Family Conference

Northeast Catholic Family Conference

The Northeast Catholic Family Conference will take place on Sunday, June 28 from 1 to 8 p.m. at St. Mary's Church in Waltham!

The event will feature music and programs for all adults, teens (entering Grades 9-12) and children (entering grades 1-8).

Highlights of the day include Mass with Cardinal Sean O Malley (celebrate his birthday with him), great speakers, teen program, children's program, collecting food for the hungry, great music, and a Candlelight Rosary and procession to conclude the event.

Everyone is welcome!

To register or get more information for the Family Conference go to:

or email Fr. Mike Harrington:

or call:


God Bless you!

The Last Walk

We have a walking program at work. It's some sort of "wellness" initiative. These programs always begin with a lot of people and then peter down to just a few. That's exactly what happened this time.

At first we walked around the gym, which we got tired of, then, we walked the corridors, and finally when the nice weather came, we walked outside. We did this for about half an hour.

We concluded with some Pilates. Since I do Pilates, anyway, this was my favorite part.

Anyway, today was the last session. We stop for the summer, or rather the instructor takes the summer off. She said to continue throughout the summer, without her.

Yeah, right.

Council Elections

Tonight was spent counting ballots. We had 12 people running and the parishioners of St. Mary's voted for four people to serve on the Parish Council. Only three of us counted.

It was tiring and took a couple of hours. I'd tell you who won but my head is spinning.