Christmas Presents

I was reading what Arianna Huffington gave for Christmas this year, and got some good ideas for my friends. Here you go:

Meg -- money to pay off her student debt, so that she can enter the Dominican Sisters of Mary

Marie Cecile -- a kitten

Jan -- airplane ticket to Boston

Gabriella -- lots of comment activity on her blog

B16 -- a safety shield

Cardinal Sean Patrick -- new sandals

Shastadaisy -- daily Tridentine Mass

Tricia -- good health

Steve & Doc -- bottle of Jameson

Bob -- book of my poetry

Ron -- get out of jail free card

Mick -- new set of brushes and pigments

Dennis -- new computer

Bobby -- a good paying job

UMASS alum -- color shock Wordmark decals

Faneuil Hall -- wicked fire proof neighbors

Marina -- book of Jesuit jokes

Vito -- book of Jesuit jokes

Mark -- membership to the Vatican museum

Arianna -- vacation on Nantucket

Deval -- a definition of marriage

Bostonians -- a Stanley Cup

Helen & Paul -- vacation home in Falmouth

Fr. Wayne -- a faculty position at B.C. teaching practical theology

Dismas -- ticket to Boston to visit OLMC

Sisters Ruth & Kathleen -- $$$$$$

OLMC -- beatification of Father Marie Jean Joseph Lataste, O.P.

A Blessed Christmas to all my dear ones.
Love & prayers,


Soutenus said…
Just found your blog and am enjoying the reading very much!
If Gabriella's blog is public include a link and we could join in the comments :-)

Soutenus (A Catholic Notebook)

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