Death Penalty

Tomorrow, Nov. 17th, the Massachusetts Senate will try to re-institute the death penalty in Massachusetts. This is part of a mandatory minimum sentencing bill.

Pinch me, will you. Isn't this the 21st a civilized country? Aren't we better than that?

Think of the costs. Facing death, the prisoner would appeal and appeal and appeal--costing the state more than it would to send the same prisoner to life imprisonment. Think of the mistakes that have been made. People proved innocent. Google the Alaskan Project.

Think, violence to be an impediment to violence.
Think, kill to stop killing.
Isn't this a contradiction?

I'm not advocating letting murders go free. Restitution, if possible should be demanded. Hardened criminals should not be free. Prudent prevention and society's safety preclude this. We have a sure right to be safe to live without fear. Nor does it require us to arrive at the hopefully optimistic belief that we can rehabilitate all perpetrators of violence. But killing people won't stop murder. It just makes us murders, also.


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