Black Friday

It's a tradition. My two daughters and I go Christmas Shopping, the day after Thanksgiving. We get most of it done, too.

This morning found us up at 4:00 AM. We threw our clothes on and ran out of our respective homes, and raced to our meeting place. It's a contest to see who's first. It's a disgrace to be last because that would mean you were a slacker, and couldn't get up. I thought I was last because I underestimated how long it would take me to get to the mall. Plus, I wasted a lot of time waiting for the light to change at Lafayette House. After waiting for a maddening long time for a traffic light, it occurred to me that I was stupid. What was I waiting for? It's 4:30 AM. I did not see another car on the road since I left home. What was I waiting for? So I went through the traffic light. Whew! No sirens followed me. (I was edified to see that on my home the traffic light was completely, off. So it wasn't such a breach of the law.)

I was the first one there at 4:34 AM. Where were those slackers? They came immediately, after. I love shopping early morning. And I hate shopping. But there's something about the excitement, about the camaraderie with the other shoppers, about the great deals!!!

The mall was not mobbed. The stores that were open had lots of shoppers but the waiting in line wasn't bad. Like I said, the camaraderie made it fun. While waiting to check out, people got to know one another, helped others find the best deals, offered suggestions, and joked. Walking inside the mall was eerie in a fun way. It was too early for most of the stores to be open, so the inside was kind of dark. Everyone you passed said good morning and was smiling. People made fun (good natured teasing,) of the sleepy cop yawning at his post.

The girls hand picked what they wanted for Christmas from me. They also helped me buy for their husbands. I helped them buy for their father and brother (and me). We just about finished ALL our Christmas shopping. We definitely made a big dent in the Christmas list.

Lastly, the three of us go out for breakfast. We order big hearty breakfasts and lots of tea and coffee. After all, we worked up three appetites. My pedometer told me that I walked 4677 steps.

Those who think we're crazy just don't know what they're missing.

The slackers!

Now I just have to bake cookies and make fudge.


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