Too Old for Facebook?

Robert Strohmeyer, in an article for PC World questions whether Baby Boomers are ruining the new social networks, like Facebook and Twitter.

In Are Baby Boomers Killing Facebook & Twitter Strohmeyer gives a little history of how we Boomers have affected everything we've ever been involved in, from school to business, to family life. It's a very interesting article.

It is true that our numbers have affected everything in our environment. I remember how crowded my elementary school was, how many schools had to be built to accommodate us, etc. I also remember that when our soldiers came back from Vietnam, they dribbled back, bit by bit. This was very unlike the mass arrival home of our fathers, after WWII. (Remember the pictures of the huge ticker tape parade in NY City.) The reason being is that too many babies were born all at once from our fathers coming home all at once.

They didn't want another baby boom.

So I'm not surprised that we're taking over Facebook and Twitter.

The question is, however, are we ruining it?

I suppose it all depends in what year you were born.


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