Mother Love

There's an article in the Boston Globe bemoaning that there aren't any abortion clinics in Brookline. In fact, (praise God) it's getting harder and harder to find a clinic to get an abortion in. The people in Brookline vetoed a clinic in their neighborhood, and the reason, according to the article, was not that the neighbors abhorred the very thought of mothers killing their own babies, but rather, it was the protesters' fault. They hold up disgusting signs, and intimidate with their chanting and prayers. The article concludes that abortion is legal and it's a shame that mothers who want to obtain an abortion, that is legal by law, can't.

Well, it's legal for people to spit on the sidewalk. We don't though because it's reprehensible. And that's what we pray for abortion to become. We pray to turn people's hearts to think that killing our babies is morally reprehensible. Abortion is a sign of moral depravity.

Just ask the people in Brookline, MA.


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