A Special Request

Dear Friends:

If you feel comfortable in doing so,I would appreciate it if you would forward the information below to out-of-state relatives and friends who might be willing to contact their Senators regarding the closing of GM Dealerships. My cousin and her husband own one of these dealerships that was established more then 30 years ago by his father. In addition to always meeting or exceeding GM quotas and following all business suggestions made by GM, the dealership has contributed significantly to the community in terms of supporting community organizations. All of these dealerships represent small businesses that are important to the communities in which they are located.

The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would require GM to rescind this latest round of closings. The Automobile Dealer Economic Rights Restoration Act had passed the House of Representatives and is now in the Senate. It is important that as many Senators as possible be contacted to support the bill. (Senator Kerry does, so no need to contact him.) That is why I am asking you to forward this to those you know who reside out-of-state. Below is a link to Senate emails and a letter that folks can cut and paste into their email to each of their senators. Thank you, in advance, for whatever you feel comfortable in doing. If you don't feel comfortable in passing this request along, I also understand.

Link to get Senate email addresses:

Sample Note:

Dear Senator ____________ :

I am contacting you to request that you support The Automobile Dealer Economic Rights Restoration Act, which has already passed in the House of Representatives. This Act will require GM to rescind the dealership closings. Most of these dealerships have always met or exceeded GM quotas for sales. All of these dealerships are small, independent businesses that have been in existence for many years and want a fair chance to continue to compete in the market place and remain in business. They are not eligible for a government "bailout." However, they are important contributors to the communities in which the are located, both from an economic perspective and from what they do to support other community organizations. Your support for this Act will ensure that these successful businesses will be able to remain open. They will be able to continue to provide thousands of jobs across the country, have an economic impact on other businesses, and support many community organizations.

Thank you for your consideration.


City and State


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