The Nobel Prize

Thursday, October 08, 2009

African bishops say Obama’s election just divine

Look what I came across on the blog Religion News and I was wondering if this was why the President received the Nobel Prize for peace. It's his perception, in the eyes of the rest of the world. Read the following from the blog:

Some African bishops at a Vatican meeting said they view President Obama's election as a divine act, differing from some of their U.S. brethren, The Associated Press reports.

Archbishop Gabriel Charles Palmer-Buckle of Accra, Ghana, said he believes God directed Obama's election victory.

"We believe God has his own plans. God directs history," he said Wednesday of the election. "We pray that it (Obama's presidency) brings blessings for Africa and the whole world."

Monsignor Laurent Monsengwo Pasinya, the archbishop of Kinshasa, Congo, said in a speech at the meeting: "If the election of a black as head of the United States of America was a divine sign
and a sign from the Holy Spirit for the reconciliation of races and ethnic groups for peaceful relations ... this synod and the universal church would gain from not ignoring this primordial event of contemporary history which is far from being a banal game of political alliances."

Wow! If that's how the rest of the world perceives the President, then we the people, the electorate should have been given the award.

We elected him.


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