Fatima Shrine

I'm taking this on line poetry course. The assignment I'm working on is writing about a place. It's an exercise in description. We are to describe a place in 25 lines. Well, as usual, I was inspired to deviate from the assignment. Oh I did the assignment; I wrote about Tijuana and gave the instructor what I think she wanted. But the real poem is this one:

Fatima Shrine

I go over to the shrine to pray.
The world's biggest Rosary,
boulders group into a decade
like a Christian Stonehenge.
The rocks pray Hail Mary
in different languages.
There's more to see--
grotto, stations, altar and statues.
It's like a prayer book
of Catholic devotions.
You walk the Rosary,
you read the signs,
and then you begin to pray.

Fatima Shrine, Holliston, MA


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