Dr. Scott Hahn

Today I traveled to New Haven, CT to attend a presentation by Dr. Scott Hahn. Dr. Hahn is known from his appearances on EWTN, and his books. He is a successful speaker on scripture and the Catholic Faith. He has produced hundreds of tapes and videos and many books. Currently he is a Profesor of Theology and Scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville and is the founder and director of the St. Paul Center for Bible Theology.

This talk was sponsored by the St. Mary's Chapter of the Lay Fraternities of St. Dominic, at St. Mary's Church, New Haven, CT. I was impressed. Dr. Hahn turned me around. I was not a fan until today.

You see, I see him on ETWN on Sunday mornings when I'm getting ready to go to church. I don't pay that much attention--I'm rushing around. But what I did see, I didn't like. I thought he talked too fast--almost auctioneer style. My impression was that he was milking his conversion. He's making a living out of his conversion. He's also always plugging his books. So I expected his Talk to be just a sales presentation.

I found my perceptions to be off the mark. He's genuine. He has a teaching job, so he doesn't make his living off his conversion. And his Talks stand alone. He is a prolific writer and his books will enhance his topics. He is really an itinerant preacher--no wonder the Dominicans invited him.


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