Come Follow Me

Today's Gospel, Mark 10: 17-27, freaked me out. It never use to. I use to hear it and think that I could easily do what Jesus asked--leave it all and follow Him. I don't have any money so what's there to leave? Big deal!

That was until I listened to a podcast this morning by Miss Laura Dejmek,O.P.. There's a page of reflection that I sometimes use for Lectio Divina, or meditation. It's different people preaching that day's Gospel: priests, sisters, and lay people. Miss Laura is a Lay Dominican.

She added a new dimension to the Reading. She interpreted "Go sell what you have..." as giving away his "identity." He wasn't just being asked to give away MONEY, but his IDENTITY. He had to walk away from it all, just like the other apostles did, to follow Jesus.

Geesh! That could mean: his medical practice, his career, his life--as he knew it. Yikes! No wonder the man walked away.

You would need the grace of God to do it.



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