You Learn Something New Every Day

Yesterday, I was reading his Hermeneuticness and learned that I could gain a plenary indulgence on the anniversary of my Baptism.

It's true. All these years wasted and I could have been gaining indulgences. I intend from now on to seek those indulgences. I did a "pro life internet search" and read:

A partial indulgence is granted to the faithful, who renew their baptismal promises according to formula in use: but a plenary indulgence is granted, if this is done either: 1) in the celebration of the Paschal Vigil or 2) on the anniversary of one's Baptism.

I wonder if I can intend, to have intended to gain this indulgence in all my previous years. After all I do renounce Satan; I renounce all his works; I renounce all his allurements...


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