Woods Hole

I'm exhausted. I've entertained friends from Connecticut, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. We had a blast!

We had to mail something to England and went to a UPS store. In a corner, leaning against the wall, were a stack of water color paintings. I went over to look at them. I recognized most of the places, the water colorist depicted. I happened to express the fact that I'd love to have one of the paintings. My friend, Tricia, bought it for me. Wowza! Ask and you shall receive! Thank you, Jesus!

I chose one of Nobska Light House.

Since we weren't doing anthing except driving around sight seeing, I took them down the shore to see Nobska Light House. Need I tell you that they were enthralled. They "oooh and aaahh" all along the coast. We ended up in Woods Hole.

We saw the Woods Hole Science Aquarium, the drawbridge, the ferry, that ship that sticks out of a building, the Helical Man, the sculture of the Scientists. These were all things I haven't seen in awhile. When you live down the Cape, you get immune to its beauty. They gave me new eyes to appreciate what I've got.

I am very blessed.


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