Sharing Love

Fr. Costello's homily was very meaningful, this morning. He was talking about how people ask God why He doesn't just give us what we ask for. Why can't He just fix the problem that we've been praying about.

Father said that people just don't understand that part of love is sharing, not fixing. Sharing your pain, is sometimes all that can be done. Father Costello told the story of a mother who gave birth to a baby with no arms. She fed, clothed, and did everything she could for him. But when he was a teenager, she brought him to his bedroom where she had laid out his clothes for him, on the floor. Then she told him to dress himself. She left him alone and closed his door. At first, he asked, "Why?" Then he demanded. He even swore at her. He screamed. He cried. Hours later, he tried to wiggle and use his teeth and feet, and managed to put the clothes on, in some fashion.

Over time, he could dress himself.

Also, he learned that his mother never did leave him alone. All along she had been in the very next room, sharing his pain, and crying.


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