Fourth of July

Great beach day! There's so-o-o-o many people and traffic down here on the Cape. I'm in East Falmouth and off our street is an island in Waquoit Bay. That's where our favorite beach is. It's our favorite because not many people go there. You can't get there without a boat.

Well, you should have seen it today! There were too many people. Walking out to the jetty to fish seemed like you were at a Jimmy Buffet concert. Everyone said the bluefish were running, but we didn't catch anything. Jon caught the same scup, six times!

All the boats anchored off the beach made the area look like a harbor. We did learn a new game called "Beer Bottle Frisbee." Our neighbors in the boat next to us were playing it. They stuck two poles in the water. On top of the poles they put beer bottles. They then played frisbee aiming to knock down the beer bottle. They had a Labrador Retriever that kept swimming off with the frisbee.

Mark and Eric didn't bother with the boat, except to go tubing. They swam to the island. For some reason the horse flies attacked Tanya, until she jumped in the water. No one else even saw a horsefly. The sunblock I put on sweated down into my eye. That was terrible. Twice I stuck my face in the salt water and swam with my eyes open, just hoping to wash it out. That helped, but it was still bothering me. Gradually, the irritation ebbed away.

After supper, everyone went their separate ways to go to their favorite "fireworks watching spot." Dick and I went to the end of Seacoast Blvd. Mark, Eric, Mike, and Christine went to Falmouth Heights. Karen and Marc went to Bristol Beach. Cheryl, Jon, Ellis, Leo, and Tanya went to Menauhant Beach; they did some night fishing, too. When Mark and his group came home they had Jacob with them. Finally! We were expecting him all day.

Everybody said the fireworks weren't as good as last year's. They were O.K. I wonder how Franklin's Fireworks will be, on Monday night.


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