Consecrated Virgins

I was reading the August issue of eLumen and found the article under Pleasing Preaching most interesting.

The article, "The Life of a Consecrated Virgin: A powerful witness of preaching on how to follow Christ," is written by Ms. Mary Beth Dillon, a Consecrated Virgin. She explains that her consecrated life is witness to the reality of a marriage between Christ and His mystical Body, the Church, because as a "Bride of Christ" her consecration permeates the way she lives: work, home, recreation, where ever.

Of course, the role model for Consecrated Virgins is Mary. Mary was the first Consecrated Virgin

My interest was such that I did a prolifeinternet search and found a blog, that explained Consecrated Virgins and gave a couple of links.

I do think this is a wonderful calling.


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