Today, at MCI Norfolk, I attended the Confirmation of six men. Retired Auxiliary Bishop Emeritis George E. Rueger, of Worcester confirmed the men. It was a very happen occasion.

Bishop Rueger enjoyed the music. He said he'd like to take them "on the road." He was sincere because he said that he's been all over the US and this choir and music has them all beat.

Mass, as usual, at Norfolk, was Tri-lingual. Afterwards, the Dominican Sacred Movement Group performed. It was special, because this was Jean's last dance. He's going back to Haiti, next Saturday. The entire performance was tastefully done. It was a scriptural prayer, "Come, Holy Spirit."

There was time for pictures, after everything. A little collation was even offered. That's the first time I ever was offered food, there. I was impressed.

A beautiful day, all in all.


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