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Am sure, that you are already aware that we have began the year of the priest on the 19th of June 2009 on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for one year. There is a wonderful opportunity to be part of this year by praying for at least one priest throughout the year. please go through the details below and do the needful. May god Bless you.

Year of Priests Special

Spiritual adoption of priests!

Priests are the greatest benefactors of humanity because it is through them that Christ continues to re-enact his unique sacrifice for the salvation of humankind. It is through them that he extends his forgiving hands and opens his heart full of Divine Mercy. Called to be the living monuments of Christ’s love in the world today, the priests spend their whole life, for God and His people. They need prayer support to live heroically their priestly commitment and mission in today's challenging world.

Spiritual adoption consists in offering up of prayers and sacrifices, during this year of priests, for a specific priest who will be assigned to you. Sign up by sending an email to if you or your family would like to adopt a priest spiritually.

The priest whom you adopt will pray for you in return. More details will be provided on request when you sign up.

The aim of this ministry is to strengthen the sanctity of priests through spiritual adoption by religious and lay people. We want to let every Catholic priest of the world know that someone has adopted him spiritually during this year of priests (June 19, 2009 to June 19, 2010) declared by Pope Benedict XVI.

Please pass this message to all your catholic contacts, the priests, religious and lay people you know and invite them to sign up at the earliest. You too can become an apostle for priests.

people you know and invite them pray for a priest. You too can become an apostle

for priests.

Fr.T.C.George sdb
Adopt a Priest Ministry
Visvadeep, Kristu Jyoti College
K.R.Puram, Bangalore – 36


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