Coming Home

On the way home, we saw one more moose. We took our time and stopped and took some more pictures.

Dick especially wanted to go back to Bryant Pond, where he and the Grumpy Old Men were a few days ago. Dick wanted to take pictures. He showed me around the place. I couldn't believe that they hiked up Mt. Christopher. He obviously has very fond memories of the place.

I can see why the guys like it.

On the way home, we passed the birth place of John Greenleaf Whittier. My father had an old joke that he use to say, whenever we drove by. So I thought I'd tell it to Dick.

"See that place (pointing to the sign that read 'Birth place of J.G. Whittier.' Well you think you're pretty smart, but the man that was born there was wittier."

I won't tell you what Dick said. 8-/


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