Obama at Notre Dame

The controversy over Notre Dame inviting President Barack Obama has me wondering--again. I don't think walking out, taking back invitations, etc. are the best methods to handle situations like this. I also think maybe it's personality differences that dictate how one approaches situations. I'm thinking of how people are perceived and the good that will result.

Look at Bishop D'Arcy refusal to attend Notre Dame's graduation ceremonies, as he explicitly has stated, he sees his attendance as an acceptance of the President's abortion position. Well, I don't think so. Everyone knows Bishop D'Arcy stance. No one could accuse him of being pro abortion.

My approach would be to attend Notre Dame's graduation and have the President walk into a pro-life set-up. Everyone would talk on abortion. What a teachable moment! Use it. Since the media would be covering the event heavily (it's the Pres, after all)abortion and its evils would be broadcast over the air waves.

Am I too scheming?

How about this idea? Have Bishop D'Arcy announce that he's not attending Notre Dame's graduation to make it obvious (to those living on the outer planets) that he's anti-abortion and does not support the President's ideas. And! Encourage Dr. Mary Ann Glendon to attend and receive the Laetare Medal. She will lecture the President.

Is that too Machiavellian?


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