Walking Meditation

At the next T.O.P.S. meeting, I'm facilitating a program I'm calling Walking Meditation. I'm combining "walking" which is good for you physically, with "meditation," which is good for you mentally and spiritually.

Walking will help lower your blood pressure, help you burn calories, and build up your endurance. Meditation will lower your blood pressure, help you become more mindful and aware of yourself and surroundings. The result will be an overall good feeling.

First: This is not power walking and is done alone. This type of walking is calming not frantic. You comfortably walk for 5 minutes focusing on what you are doing: heel first, toe, back straight, hands swinging comfortably by your side. When your mind wanders, just refocus. Bring yourself back to "heel first..."

Second: Walk another five minutes chanting: "heel, toe, back straight and hands comfortable." I use the repetition of my Rosary sometimes. Again, when your mind wanders, just start over.

Third: While walking notice your surroundings. Turn around and walk back seeing the trees, lawns, traffic, people, etc. Pray for the people you pass, the people in cars, or the houses you pass.

Fourth: As you approach home, gradually slow to a stop this last five minutes. Once stopped, take a deep breath and notice how you feel. "Good."

You've just walked for 20 minutes. If that's not a mile, then it's close enough.


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