Our Cat

This is Dallas our cat. Actually, it's my son, Mark's cat, but we're stuck with her. Mark's girlfriend gave Dallas to him when he was in college and he hid it in his dorm room. Hence, her nurturing and personal space was hindered IMHO.
After Mark graduated he dumped Dallas on us because his housemates didn't want her. (IOW, girlfriend dumped him.)
She's ....I don't know how to describe her. My husband enjoys her ornery company. He says she has the most personality he has ever seen in a pet. Me? I think she's bi-polar. She's mean and nasty and she may accept your patting her one minute then turn on you and bite and scratch.
We've learned to watch her tail. If it's snapping and whipping around; stay clear of her.
The only time she purrs is in the morning, waiting to be fed. You can hardly hear it. Yet, she's a talker. She always meowing and we haven't figured out what she wants. Although her growls make it very clear that she's displeased!
Geesh! We have to tip toe around the cat! Who's the master?


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