The pizza police are after me.

I was planning on visiting a friend for lunch. And I was bringing pizza. Before I left, I called the pizza place and ordered.

When I arrived at the pizza place, I told the man that I had called in an order. He said what was it. I told him and he said "That'll take 15 minutes."

Mmmm, I thought. On the phone he said 10 minutes. The place must get stiffed a lot so they don't really take orders on the phone unless they know you. They wait until you get here and start to make it.

While waiting, I looked around for a menu. The one I used to order had coupons in it that expired 12/30/08. I did find the menus, but guess what. The name on the menu was different from the name on the one at home. :-/

I was at the wrong pizza place. :-/

Oh well.

Meanwhile the pizza joint I had ordered from, telehoned hubby and asked where I was. Dick said I was on my way.

Half an hour later they called again. Dick went and got the pizza.

Guess what we're having for supper.

Idjit! :-/


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