Response to Cronkhite Canada Syndrome

the path seemed as easy and unsuspecting
as falling in love,
but that’s the draw–the love pulls like taffy
and everything is sweet;
then the path veered away from the warmth;
and You were silent.
The path was very cold among silent gods;
hypothermia in the soul
worse than the purgatorial illness
confusing Jesus
with zeus and mars and zen and no one;
and You were silent;
warm love emanated from the circle’s center;
I felt it.
dare I crawl closer, unworthy worm that I am;
I believed it;
You were there. You are there. You were there.
help my unbelief.
Mary, John, and Mary hovered at the foot of Your cross;
I believe it
My husband, children, and friends stayed by mine,
I saw them as
I saw You in their eyes and hands and words;
I walked the path.


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