Those of us who leave work early today to go to Zumba Class cut short our lunch period, from an hour to half an hour. Well, I forgot and used the whole hour lunch. Later in the afternoon I asked my cubby mate, how come she didn't go to lunch and she responded that she only took half an hour because of Zumba.
I forgot!
So I said I'd put half an hour vacation time on my time sheet to make up the time. My friend said, "Don't be so stupid. No one will know." She was really angry about it. She also said she'd tell our union rep about how stupid I am. "I'll tell everybody." She said.
I wasn't even tempted to do what she wanted. I know the difference between right and wrong. It's a matter of my personal integrity. I have my own standards.


Jen Harris said…
Good for you.
Someone has to sleep at night & all the better that it is you rather than someone trying to cheat the system.
Good employees think like owners. They take that ownership and internalize it by asking the question "what would I do if I was the owner".
Again, good for you.

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