Coffee Sombrero

After shoveling, I wanted a drink--a warm drink. Specifically, I wanted something like a hot chocolate but I wanted a kick to it. So I made a coffee sombrero. A coffee sombrero consists of coffee liqueur and milk. I usually use Kahlua, but when I was in Mexico, a few years ago, the liquor salesman talked me into buying Cleofas. He said Kahlua is what is sold in my area and so that's what I'm familiar with, but Don Cleofas was better. Of course, he gave me a sample. And I agreed with him. Cleofas is better.

Zapping the mixture in the microwave a bit will warm it up. Mmmmm, hot coffee Sombrero.


Adrienne said…
Happy New Year, Faith. I'll take my drink virgin. That is exactly where I'm headed now. To make a HUGE coffee drink with real whipped cream on top. Yum!
Faith said…
Mmmm. Sounds good. Try adding hot chocolate to that coffee drink. Yum! Mocha!

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