Role Models

Haeyeun and I went to Norfolk Prison to give a talk on the "Role of Asian Men in Society." Actually, Haeyeun gave the talk. She was great. I was so impressed and proud of her. And I learned something. There were 39 men attending. Most of them are Cambodian. This is Asian Cultural Group that meets once a month on Fridays. Haeyeun spoke of role models. She contends that in order to grow up well, a role model is needed. Since these inmates came with their families from Cambodia and other South East Asian countries, their fathers came into a new culture, so very different from what they were use to. In fact, in some cases things were the exact opposite of their own country. Their fathers were confused and unsure how to behave. They wanted their children to fit in but didn't know when to encourage and when to discourage. Haeyeun contends that that's why these inmates landed in prison. They didn't have good role models.
This was very interesting. I never thought of role models contributing to the success of a child in that way. I think she's right.


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