Tonight I Lectored the 7:00 PM Mass. It's scary how fast the congregation grows from my greetings before Mass, to when I announce the intentions for the Prayers for the Faithful. I don't think I'm exaggerateing when I say it triples.
Another strange thing, tonight. The church is being painted. So there's scaffolding around the sanctuary. I was surrounded by the scaffolding and thought, "I feel like a caged bird."
Someone stopped me when I was leaving the church and complained about the church decorations. There's a liturgy committee that decorates and some people like what they do and some don't. What can I say? Although a while ago there was a helium baloon behind the altar. My first thought was that it must have belonged in some wedding ceremony. But I found out that it was put there by that liturgy committee. Well, Father in moving it.....let go. It rose to the very tippy top of the ceiling--way up there. And it stayed there.....until the painters used their scaffolding to get it.
Ha! I call that Divine Intervention!


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