My Aim

Do you remember who was the best supporting actor, last year? Who won the Nobel, this year? How about, name a teacher that left an impression on you? Can you name your best friend in high school?
How come you can remember so long ago, and you can't remember last year?
It's not because we are old; it's because we remember what has touched our hearts. We remember the names of people who have been important to us.
This is what I want my poetry to do--touch people. I want to not only leave an impression, but also stir my reader into wanting to be a better person. I definitely try to accomplish this with my social/political/religious poetry. I usually am not moved to write a poem about the sun dying. I am very moved about people dying. I can't do anything about people dying; that's why I write about it--to at least get others involved, to educate them, to enlighten and inspire. Message, along with metaphor and meter trump all else. That's my aim.


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