A Meditation

The other day I was visiting the "cloistered brothers" in prison and I noticed someone missing. It was Rosie. Rosie is a beautiful golden labrador retriever. This prison has some sort of arrangement whereby some of the inmates train dogs to be service dogs to the blind, handicapped, etc. I had often seen Rosie and her trainer.
Rosie would do anything I asked--anything anyone would ask. And therein lies the problem.
Rosie flunked her service test. She was obeying an order when someone else gave her another. She obeyed the second, which was not from her trainer.
Poor Rosie.
In explaining this story to me, one of my brothers said, " You know, it's like when you've been in too many foster homes. You don't know which authority figure to obey. You know?"
Actually..........no...............I don't.


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